Bright Spring Festival Donation


At the time of paying fees members are also asked to financially support some or all of the Festivals and Events. Both the Spring & Autumn Festivals require both financial support and participation from our members to prepare publicity, and stage these keynote events in terms of tourism attraction each year. Much of the eternal funding applied for by the committees is only provided on a ‘dollar for dollar’ basis so your donation is important.

Please enter your donation value in multiples of $25.

$25 x 1
$25 x 2 = $50
$25 x 3 = $75
$25 x 4 = $100
$25 x 5 = $125
$25 x 6 = $150




The Chamber encompasses a vast range of business and community interests and is involved in co-ordinating the work of sub-committees which conduct many events throughout the year. These voluntary committees work tirelessly to ensure that Bright remains highly visible as a preferred destination and that the town and surrounds have high profile attractions. These include:

  • Bright Market – Make it Bake it Grow it – now in its 6th year and thriving!
  • Autumn Festival including the Wandiligong Nut Festival – celebrating over 54 years of colour, perhaps the longest running festival in Australia!
  • Spring Festival incorporating the Bright Alpine Climb (Four Peaks) – now in its 28th year, amazing.

ll businesses, irrespective of whether they have a direct link to tourism, benefit significantly from the additional funds and economic activity these festivals generate. This has been independently estimated to be worth some millions of dollars to the community annually. Without business support the future of the events would be uncertain.